Showreel 2017

So I have a new Showreel! I’ll be breaking it down fairly soon but for now check it out!



Minimalist Watch – Breakdown


Today we do something more simple. This one you can make quickly and easily but still gives you a nice render.

Software & Plugins: Cinema 4D, Octane, Adobe After Effects, Frischluft Depth of Field.

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Orange Juice Advertisement Concept – Breakdown

Juice Commercial Concept (00051)

Today I’d like to take you through the making of this really juicy looking project! I’ll break this down into the different parts of the project starting with the models, the liquid, texturing and then the final rendering and compositing.

Software & Plugins: Cinema 4D, Realflow, Octane, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, RSMB.

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My first blog post!

I love talking anything to do with motion graphics, visual effects, 3D production etc. and I thought what better place to talk about it than on a blog! This way I can let out all the voices out my head.

I’ll try to keep the posts mostly about the wonky stuff I do as a 3D Artist in the hope of bringing you value. Hopefully helping you through any problems you might have that I’ve ran into and learning more about this industry together. I still have quite a lot to learn myself so I don’t expect a lot of my approaches on things to be the best.

The great thing about a blog is I can be corrected, I will be able to edit my work and I can learn and improve. Quite a lot of this work is problem solving mixed with your creative energy, which is a large part of why I love it so much.